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Sawdust and Greasepaint, the second collection of Big Top comic strips, is now for sale on!

Be sure to see my syndicated comic strip, Big Top, at the Universal Comics website.

The first Big Top book is available at or at a store near you!

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Big Top
Where else would you find this motley combo of characters but in the circus ring? Throw in Pete, a 10-year-old boy growing up in the circus, and you’ve got BIG TOP -- aka The Bestest Show Around!
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These lovable animals deal with everyday real world events just like humans do. From Brangelina, to Katie Couric, to Cirque du Soleil, Pete and his circus friends provide clever entertainment and endless laughs for readers.

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Hey, everybody! Just a quick note to let you know that the second Big Top collection, Sawdust and Greasepaint, is now for sale on! It’s new! It’s funny! It has that "new book smell"! So, let’s get out there and make this a best-seller, people!! We’re gonna stomp all over that Harry Potter kid!

If it isn't already on your shelves, the first Big Top book is still available! If your local bookstore doesn’t have it, they can order it and get it in really quickly... It’s also available from, or whatever online bookstore thingy you prefer.

-Yours truly, Dusty Poodle.

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